Matthew Kiichi Heafy

Matthew Kiichi Heafy

Matt Heafy is best known worldwide as the guitarist and lead vocalist for the band Trivium.

He plays his Epiphone "Matthew Kiichi Heafy Les Paul Custom" Signature guitars (6 and 7 string) with the Richter guitar strap
model #1008.

The seven white martial arts-style tape stripes that are seen on his guitar straps represent each studio album that Trivium has released from 2003 to today.


The original stage setup of Matt also includes the transmitter pockets tailored for the use with
Shure UR1 bodypacks.


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MKH #1008

Product no.: 1008MKH

Guitar Strap / Bass Strap

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MKH #1440

Product no.: 1440MKH

Guitar Strap / Bass Strap

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MKH #1517

Product no.: 1517MKH

Guitar Strap / Bass Strap

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MKH Oni #1008

Product no.: 1008MKH-ONI

Guitar Strap / Bass Strap

£94.00 *
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